AI-powered precision
diagnostics for Pathology

Decoding pathology for personalized treatments

We believe that AI holds the key to discover the next generation of tissue-based biomarkers to drastically improve how cancer and other complex diseases are diagnosed and treated. Our mission is to support the discovery and validation of these biomarkers, and to develop them into diagnostic products for global use in clinics and labs.
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We uniquely combine data, tech and pathologists

Our AI models are trained with clinical-grade data from multiple leading German institutes, and are developed side-by-side with experienced pathologists.
A patented “Explainable AI” approach allows us to overcome conventional “black box” limitations of end-to-end AI models. A proprietary cell detection and classification approach enables us to dig deep into morphology and immune responses.

What we do

We are an interdisciplinary team of machine learners, data scientists, pathologists, biologists, software engineers, regulatory experts and business professionals, focused on three areas:


We develop novel algorithms for use in pre-clinical and translational research, on our own data. Our focus lies on assessing complex structures and cell types with AI in H&E, IHC and multiplex IF, in combination with clinical, molecular and proteomics data.

Clinical trials

We build robust IVDR-compliant AI models from multi-lab data, for H&E, IHC and multiplex IF. We work in close collaboration with pathologists from Charité and other leading institutes, as well as regulatory experts, and can deploy with our own platform.

CDx & clinical routine

We can certify AI models with you as CDx and deploy them via third-party platforms, or our own platform for use in central labs and our partner institutions, incl. Charité Berlin. We are also working on a suite of proprietary complementary diagnostics.

Our Story

Aignostics started in 2018 within the walls of Charité Berlin and the Berlin Institute of Health, based on years of research conducted by the pathology department of Charité, TU Berlin and Fraunhofer HHI. Following initial incubation, we spun-out of Charité and BIH in 2020, and are now focusing on pioneering computational pathology for pharmaceutical research, clinical trials and CDx development.
Our strong foundation in pathology and technology, combined with our comprehensive multi-lab data access, enables us to build the best possible solutions for our global client base.

Get in touch!

Are you a pathologist? We are looking for practicing pathologists to join our development teams.
Or do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.
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