Meet the Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of machine learners, data scientists, pathologists, biologists, software engineers, regulatory experts and business professionals.


Co-Founder & Lead Medical Adviser
Frederick has been researching AI in pathology since 2012 and initiated Aignostics. He is a professor of Pathology and Director of the Institute of Pathology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, but also a trained physicist and inventor. Moreover, Frederick is the topic leader at WHO for AI in healthcare (AI4Health) and a member of the International Academy of Pathology, amongst other roles.


Co-Founder & Lead Technical Adviser
Klaus is a seasoned AI pioneer and played a pivotal role in developing the technology behind Aignostics. He is the chair of the machine learning group at TU Berlin, a principal scientist at Google Brain, and director of the Berlin Machine Learning Center and the Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data (BIFOLD) amongst other roles. Klaus is also an external member of the Max Planck Society and a member of the German National Academy of Sciences and the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.

Viktor Matyas

Co-Founder & CEO
Viktor is a former McKinsey & Company Consultant and also gained experience as investment professional in the tech and healthcare space with Bridgepoint in Germany and the UK. He holds a BSc from Vienna University of Economics, an MSc from London Business School, and an MBA from INSEAD. Viktor is also a self-taught software developer since his early youth.


Co-Founder & CTO
Max holds a PhD in Machine Learning from TU Berlin, and a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from FU Berlin. He gained professional experience as Software Engineer at various startups, Fraunhofer, and Google and is an expert in explainable AI. Max was also a member of the Berlin Big Data Centre and the Berlin Centre of Machine Learning.

Jessica Riley, PhD​

Chief Business Officer
Jessica is an expert in precision diagnostics having worked for various technology and diagnostics companies in the EU and USA; Qiagen (formerly DxS Ltd), Leica Biosystems, Guardant Health and PathAI. She has contributed to bringing companion diagnostics to various major markets from transaction through to regulatory approval and commercial launch across multiple technology platforms as well as advised biopharma companies on companion diagnostic partnering strategy.
Chief Data Officer
Johannes SIEDLER
Head of Platform Development
DR. Sharon Ruane
Head of Scientific Programs
Dr. Matthias Tuma
Senior Strategic Project Manager
Frank Münzinger
Quality Manager
PD Dr. med. Rosemarie Krupar
Lead Pathologist
Dr. Miriam Haegele
Machine Learning Engineer
Adelaida Creosteanu
Software Engineer
Dr. Bruno Sinn
Philipp Seegerer
Machine Learning Engineer
Dr. Simon Schallenberg
Tanguy Abel
Senior Software Engineer
Dr. Lukas Ruff
Lead Machine Learning Researcher
Oliver Atanaszov
Machine Learning Engineer
Madleen Drinkwitz
Medical Technical Assistant
Stephan Tietz
Machine Learning Engineer
Fabian Spieß
Senior Software Engineer
Maximilian Gottschalk
Machine Learning Engineer
Dr. Marija Pezer
Senior Scientific Project Manager
Nahuel Castro
Senior Frontend Developer
Santiago Ocamica
Senior Frontend Developer
Montserrat Carrasco
HR & Operations Manager
Gabriel Dernbach
Machine Learning Engineer
Dzmitry Talkach
Software Engineer
Pauline Dupin
Frontend Engineer
Christina Aigner
Machine Learning Engineer
Muhab Alwan
Frontend Engineer
Dr. Roman Schulte-Sasse
Machine Learning Engineer
Dr. Nader Aldoj
Machine Learning Engineer
Dr. Blanca Pablos
Machine Learning Engineer
Alberto Martinez
Data Engineer
Moritz Krügener
Software Engineer
Simon Heinke
Machine Learning Engineer
Katja Lingelbach
Scientific Project Manager
Dr. James Wells
Project and Knowledge Manager
Tom Lehmann
Software Engineer
Tobias Winterhoff
Machine Learning Engineer
Cornelius Böhm
Machine Learning Engineer
Beatriz Pérez
Machine Learning Engineer
Bartosz Wójtowicz
Machine Learning Engineer
Sandip Ghosh
Machine Learning Engineer
Jennifer Altschüler
Medical Technical Assistant
Kai Standvoss
Machine Learning Engineer
Maxime Emschwiller
Machine Learning Engineer
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